The truth of Truth

Unity of Port Richey, 5 November 2017

SONG (Bob Sima): Happening For You, from putalittlemoreloveintheworld

We had the pleasure of serving the Southeast Region Youth of Unity rally this weekend during our journey to Florida. They asked us to present an experience about “truth”. Well, that’s pretty broad, right? They continued to explain that they wanted to reinforce the idea that all paths feed into the teachings of Unity. As we all have probably heard many times, “All paths lead to Truth.”

The discernment that came to us during our preparation is recognizing the difference between lowercase ’t’ truth and uppercase ’t’ Truth. We associate so closely with our brains in this society, taking in information and processing that information to make decisions. So where does Truth lie in the truth of what our brain feeds to us?

We all know there are two sides to the brain. We will talk about the left and right brain momentarily, but for now I want to invite you into – what we will classify for today’s lesson – a left brain meditation. A meditation that will dive a little deeper into the message that Bob just delivered through song. Life is not happening to you, it is happening for you.

You may have heard the phrase “you can’t go around what you must go through”. It’s a catchy little ism that may cause a chuckle or a wince or a head nod or some other visceral reaction in your body. But for now, I invite you to seed that phrase into your consciousness. You can’t go around what you must go through. So let us begin with a journey of the left brain.

Adjust your body into your desired meditation position and – when you are comfortable – close your eyes. I encourage you to connect to your breath. On the next inhale, allow all the things currently tickling your sensory experience into your body. On the next exhale, allow them all to be released and connect to your left brain. Remember the seed we planted. You can’t go around what you must go through. Begin a review of some of the most significant moments in your life. Maybe it was a celebration. Maybe it was a goal reached. Maybe it was a challenge. Maybe it was a broken heart. Review those most significant moments as you are serenaded through this experience.

SONG (Bob Sima): No Mud No Lotus, from The Movers The Shakers and The Peacemakers

You can’t go around what you must go through. The first level of understanding. That when we are faced with life, we cannot avoid what life presents to us in order to continue living life itself. Step 1.

Everything you go through grows you. The second level of understanding. That, not only do we have to face our experiences, we will grow in some way by moving through them. It doesn’t say that it will be easy to identify the lessons or that we will be able to smile the entire way through any challenge. It simply says that everything that life presents us is a gift for our personal growth. Step 2.

No mud, no lotus. The final level of understanding. That all the mud and the muck of this life experience that shows up under our external surface is rich soil for our expansion. Not only our expansion, but it is necessary to nourish the seed and roots of the beautiful you-blossom, opening petal by petal for all to appreciate. Step 3.

So as you recalled a few of your significant life experiences, were you able to see how you grew through them? That in order for you to show up as a new iteration of you – for a new petal to emerge – there was nothing less than perfect in everything that showed up or is currently showing up in your life to get you to here and into each moment?

Let’s move into a simplified left and right brain metaphorical lesson to get to the truth of Truth.

Consider that the left brain’s purpose is to process the human experience in three-dimensional form.
The left brain thrives on information.
It learns language and creates beliefs.
It is linear, rational, logical, and follows process.
It is goal oriented.
It strives.
It remembers facts.
It associates feelings with people, places, and things.
It labels, compares, judges, and defines.
It describes life using a limited alphabet that is used to make words and sentences.
It attempts to draw a line around and shape our experiences so we can make sense of it all.
It categorizes.
The left brain is a repository that is referenced and cross-referenced through past and present to anticipate future.

The information received and processed by the left brain is real. Whether it is three-dimensionally real or not, it is real to us at some level of personal perspective. But how does left-brain reality equate to truth?

I would challenge you and say that the left brain represents the lowercase ’t’ truth and not the uppercase ’t’ Truth. Everything processed by the left brain is informational. But we need the experiential and creative mastery of the right brain to move closer to the Truth of the left-brain truths.

Consider that the right brain’s purpose is to experience life as pure presence of being-ness through unity and unconditional love.
The right brain thrives on bliss.
It learns nothing because there is an intuitive knowing of everything.
It is creativity itself.
It is multi-dimensional.
It travels through time and space while being present to the now.
It is receptive and fluid.
It is presence of pure potential.
It arrives without striving to arrive.
It requires no language because it expresses through love.
It associates bliss with life.
It sees beyond the senses. It feels beyond the heart. It accepts beyond the physical world.
It is limitless.
It experiences life through connection to all people, places, and things.
It attempts to unify our experiences so we can serve each other.
It unifies.

The right brain wants to return to complete interconnectivity between humans, microbes, four-leggeds, winged-ones, finned-ones, plants, shrubs, trees, stones, rocks, crystals, mountains, stars, planets, and even the cosmos.
The right brain is a reality that some describe as the Garden of Eden or Utopia or Shangri-la. It knows what those who have near-death experiences describe when they return to their 3-D body. It knows those messages of unconditional love that are channeled through mediums from those who transitioned to the other side. Whether it is three-dimensionally real or not, it is real to us at a cellular level because that is where we came from and where we will return. How does right-brain reality equate to truth?

I would challenge you and say that the right brain represents the uppercase ’t’ Truth that was here long before the words. The Truth that existed before we humans made an attempt to make it anything other than what it was. The Truth that requires no verbal description because its presence is universal and transmitted through light waves. But – in our current evolution of humanity – we need the repository of information of the left brain to create a series of de-programming activities within us to remember the bliss of the right-brain Truth.

The path of enlightenment leads us closer and closer to the uppercase ’t’ Truth. Otherwise translated as:
The path – the human experience
of enlightenment – of lowercase ’t’ truth
leads us – allows us to remember
closer and closer – the uppercase ’t’ Truth
to the uppercase ’t’ Truth – of where we came, are, and will eternally be.

Let me repeat each sentence separately.
The path of enlightenment leads us closer and closer to the uppercase ’t’ Truth.
The human experience of lowercase ’t’ truth allows us to remember the uppercase ’t’ Truth of where we came, are, and will eternally be.

The beauty of the path of our lowercase ’t’ truths is that it initiates healing within our mind, our heart, and our soul. There is a phrase that says “hurt people hurt people”. As the musician whose hook is always cast, Bob took that a step further to remind us that hurt people hurt people but healed people heal people.

As we all adventure down our own path of uppercase ’t’ Truth or enlightenment, we may receive different packages along the way that we describe as happy or sad, good or bad, celebration or challenge. But as we heal and share our healing journey with others, we plant a seed of potential for their own personal healing. We are all here to raise our vibration to that state of unconditional love. How we get there has many meandering paths. Where they intersect with others’ is a place for us to come together in love.

SONG (Bob Sima): Healed People, from The Movers The Shakers and The Peacemakers