The Cheapest Room in the House

Carolina Center for Spiritual Awakening, 25 March 2018

SONG (Bob Sima): Grateful World, from It’s Time

——— “Fear is the cheapest room in the house. I would like to see you living in better conditions for your mother and my mother were friends.”———
A quote by the 14th century Persian poet, Hafiz. Though the prose continues for several verses, these opening lines are our focus.

Where does fear begin and where does it end? Fear is a basic human function that originates as a feeling, turns into an emotion, and creates a response in our primitive brain that affects one of three physical reactions: fight, flight, or freeze.

But what do we really know about fear? With over 100 documented scientific studies that have attempted to define how the body reacts to fear, scientists are still unable to understand, describe, or quantify fear itself.

So I ask again… how does fear begin and how does it end?

In my own personal definitions of the Universal Truths, I refer back to an Aramaic word that was introduced to me by Dale Allen Hoffman. The word is Roohka. This word is associated with the concept of breath. I deliberately say “concept of breath” rather than state that “roohka ‘means’ breath”. That one word, Rookha, is more than just one thing. It represents something that you can detect its presence, but you cannot find its source. Dale often uses examples of breath, electricity, and magnetism to relate the concept of Rookha. In our workshops and retreats, I often go another step further and bring in those elements that we know exist but we can neither identify the originating source nor find their completion. I use the phrase Universal Truths to categorize things like Love, Joy, Peace, Balance, Perfection, Soul, and Spirit. Those things that – when we really try to describe them – we are unable to clearly define or rationalize for our logical brain. They are concepts that become an experience. Just like Rookha.

I don’t believe fear belongs in that category. Though we often have to dig into our subconscious for the origins, we are able to track back to the source of our fears. The beginning. With awareness and commitment to ourselves, we are able to overcome our fears. The end.

I believe that fear is a human construct designed for survival. Period. It was not intended to drive us or motivate us beyond the moment we absolutely need it to escape from literal death. Therefore it does not equate to my other Universal Truths.

Yet our human brain often uses memories and limiting beliefs to create a perceived threat that appears to be Truth.
F-E-A-R. False Evidence Appearing Real.
What if we create a new acronym…
F-E-A-R. Face Everything And Respond.

Back to Hafiz:

“Fear is the cheapest…”
Cheap. Of little or no value.
What value does fear bring to us? It is a wonderful, primal, automated response when we are in danger. Yet how often are we truly “in danger” for our survival?

Humans are not yet an endangered species. We have populated all of the easily-habitable spaces on the Earth. Yet our collective thoughts, our collective actions, our collective consciousness are often fueled and running on fear.

“Fear is the cheapest room…”
Room. A clearly defined space within a larger defined space.
How often do we allow a series of imagined events playing in our storied mind to lead us down a rabbit hole right into this cheap room? The cheapest room, according to Hafiz.

Our imaginations can be magnanimously and incomprehensibly active. Our free-will to focus our attention and our imagination on whatever we choose creates our reality. Science of Mind 101, right? So if we focus on something while we are lounging in the cheapest room of fear, everything appears to be very daunting. The unknown, the unseen, the undeveloped, the unspoken, and the uncharacterized are tainted with fight, flight, or freeze reactions before they actually happen!

“Fear is the cheapest room in the house.”
House. A place inhabited for protection.
What does your house look like? Not the house you call your home. Your spiritual house. What does it look like? How much time do you spend designing your house, adding new rooms, expanding your consciousness? When you add rooms, are they cheap? Do you afford your beautiful imagination the limitless possibilities that are within you, as you, without worry, without fear?

Maria Robinson said, “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” To that, anyone can start today and redesign or renovate their house. Find the rooms that need updated. Find the rooms that need a makeover. Find the rooms that need love. Don’t try to demolish them. Simply spend the time to transform them into a lavishly expensive and expansive room.

“Fear is the cheapest room in the house. I would like to see you living in better conditions…”
Conditions. The state of something that will support one’s well-being.
What conditions do you create in your house? What state of being do you carry in this meat suit we call a human body? Some describe it as The Soul’s Temple. Yes, a temple.

We owe our soul the best conditions for limitless growth on all levels. We owe our brothers and sisters the best conditions for limitless growth on all levels. We have the ability to create those conditions.

“Fear is the cheapest room in the house. I would like to see you living in better conditions for your mother and my mother were friends.”
Your mother and my mother. The Divine Feminine connection.
In most spiritual paths, the feminine is the energy of creation. She is not the creator, but Creativity itself. Creativity and concepts that inspire the masculine energies to outwardly create the next iteration of creation.

We are in the masculine physical form as the Creators of our own experience. Yet we are fueled by the feminine conceptual form as Creativity. By your mother and my mother. By the nurturing, caring, maternal energies of the Universe. To what extent are you honoring your mother, your Creativity, , the Divine’s Creativity in your spiritual house?

I welcome you into a meditation. As you uncross your arms and legs and get comfortable in your seat, I invite you to stretch your spinal cord and open your channels of energy flow. Gently close your eyes. Feel that Creative energy force moving through you. Focus your attention on your breath. As you inhale, imagine a stream of white light entering the top of your head and traveling down to your heart. As you exhale, imagine that stream of white light continuing to your feet and extending to the core of the Earth. That white light is your information highway that connects Creativity with Creation. Your mother and my mother. Enter your spiritual house and inspect your rooms. Find the cheap rooms where fear sits and open your arms. Imagine that white light of Divine Creativity flowing from your heart, through your arms and out your fingertips. Infuse the cheap room with Love. Allow each fear to transmute into a higher vibration, a frequency with which you can begin to use for your own spiritual renovations. The Divine Creative Energy is waiting for you.

SONG (Bob Sima): Grand Design, from putalittlemoreloveintheworld

As you reacquaint yourself with your breath, imagine that white light pathway of Divine Creativity infusing your body with inspiration. Feel inspired to revisit your spiritual home, to spruce up your old rooms to bring new potential, to create new rooms on the foundation you have already built. Feel motivated to become the master Creator using Love as your expression. I invite you to pull the white light from the core of the Earth up through your body and release it back into the cosmos, knowing that you can invite it back at any time. With your next inhale, begin to wiggle your toes and fingers and feel the seat under you. I invite you to take three grounding breaths. Inhale through your nose; exhale with an “h” sound. Inhale through your nose; exhale with a “ha”. Inhale through your nose; exhale with a big sigh.

I mentioned Love throughout the meditation. We often think that hate is the opposite of love. In reality, fear is the opposite of love. We don’t hate because we don’t love. We hate because we fear. We fear something in ourselves that might be exposed when it is triggered by or uncomfortable with or unaccepting of another or of a situation.

We hurt from our hurt and we fear from our worst. When we look with curiosity rather than judgment or blame or shame, we can uncover our fears. Uncover means just that. Uncover. What we choose to do after the reveal is part of our spiritual progress.

It may take a few visits to the house to observe the fear cowering in the corner of its room before we find the wisdom within us to address it and heal the wound. Or we may have to kick down the door on its room and watch it dancing around in the center of the room, taunting us, daring us to move closer. Wherever the fear lies on the spectrum, there is always an opportunity for healing, if and when we are ready.

Facing fears fosters faith. This is allegorically and poetically described in Canto I from Dante’s Inferno:

——— How first I entered on that path astray,
Beset with sleep, I know not.
This I know.

When gained my feet the upward, lighted way,
I backward gazed, as one the drowning sea,
The deep strong tides, has baffled, and panting lies,
On the shelved shore, and turns his eyes to see
The league-wide wastes that held him.
So mine eyes
Surveyed that fear, the while my wearied frame
Rested, and ever my heart’s tossed lake became
More quiet.

Then from that pass released, which yet
With living feet had no man left, I set
My forward steps aslant the steep, that so,
My right foot still the lower, I climbed. ———

Facing fear fosters faith. Faith to recognize when we feel led astray and disconnected from ourselves and the world. Faith to know we will always find the lighted path. Faith to look backward and release the fears that hold us hostage in our own growth. Faith to stare down the fear, the ghosts that used to haunt us. Faith to surrender into a new self, rested and relieved of the wound. Faith to reach upward and continue to climb.

We can no longer live in the cheapest room of the house when we are empowered by Love rather than fear. That is when we find our voice and we begin to share our story. That is when what seemed to be such an obstacle becomes quite small.

Fear is the only thing that shrinks the closer and closer we get to it. The empowerment that we cultivate as it becomes less significant in having its way with us brings new awarenesses. First, we realize the insignificance of the fear even though we previously thought it was something we would never get through. Second, we realize the significance of the fear on the path to our realization of a new self that is closer to Universal Love now than we were before.

Fear surely is an insignificant something! It was everything yet becomes nothing. Does that make us everything and nothing? Are we insignificant somethings?

SONG (Bob Sima): Insignificant Somethings, from The Movers The Shakers & The Peacemakers