Take On a Miracle

Unity of Fredericksburg, 17 June 2018

In honor of Father’s Day, I want to talk about miracles. You see, my father always told me that I “was the best thing that ever happened to him”. By most definitions, that would make me quite an accomplishment! I recently read a concept “that all great accomplishments require four things:  a dream, action, patience, and a whole bunch of miracles”. 

How many miracles did it take to manifest you into exactly who you are today? Miracles are those surprising, welcoming, amazing, extraordinary, or unexplainable things that occur in our lives. I know that my father perceived me as all of those adjectives. I will never know if he ever understood or accepted that he was as much of a miraculous presence in my life as he perceived me to be in his life. So I would like to take a little journey today — one of dreams, of action, and of patience — that might lead us into a deeper connection to one or many of the miracles of the past, present, or future in our own individual lives.

Given the nature of the journey, let us begin with a meditation. I invite you to get comfortable in your seat, gently close your eyes, and become acutely aware of your breath. Notice how it enters your physical self. Follow the path it takes to enliven every cell of your body, soften your mind, open your heart, release unnecessary emotions, and anchor in presence. Recognize the comfort that the breath provides to you in this very moment. Follow your breath. Allow it work to expand your energetic bodies until you are intimately connected to its magic and magnitude. Begin to direct it with precision, guiding it exactly where you want to feel its maximum potency. Give it permission to access a dream that is within you. A dream that is as simple or as complex as you wish it to be. A seemingly unfulfilled dream that has yet to appear to the full extent of your heart’s desires. Hold onto that dream. Feel its energy while releasing the emotions of achievement or non-achievement, of success or failure, of want or frustration. Allow only the excitement of the dream to remain. Find the same enthusiasm and eagerness and exhilaration that you felt when it first tickled your consciousness as a tiny seeded concept. Help your dream come into a more vivid life form by breathing into it. Allow the breath to feed and sustain your dream just as it nourishes and animates your own self. Make your dream as real as you possibly can.

SONG (Bob Sima): Om Sweet Om, from A Thousand Cups of Tea

Now it is time to plant the visions of your dream into your heart. I invite you back to the path of your breath. On your next inhale, watch all the visions of your dream collapse into a small seed that is birthed into consciousness on your next exhale. On your next inhale, say a prayer silently to the dream seed. On your next exhale, breathe the prayer into the seed. On your next inhale, prepare the perfect spot for the seed. On your next exhale, observe yourself planting the seed safely into Pachamama. Feel the soil around it. Make sure it has the right moisture. Make sure the sun is feeding it. Imagine the seed beginning to spread its energy throughout your heart. Make sure your heart captures and feels the rapture of the dream so it can express beyond the silence. On your next exhale, become aware of your body in the space it occupies in this room. As you are ready, I invite the all of you back into the room.

Step 1 of a future accomplishment is complete. Your dream is alive and growing. We use the phrase “out of your mind” when someone says or does something that appears to be — get this on recall — surprising, welcoming, amazing, extraordinary, or unexplainable. Maybe we would lump all those together as “crazy”? Well, you just pulled the dream out of your mind. You lost a piece of your mind to your heart. Welcome to crazy.

So often we stop there. We vision. We intend. We pray. Then what?

The seed won’t do anything without nurturing. How do we nurture a heart seed? We take action! If we just let it sit there and pay no mind to it, it will just sit there. We have seen its vision. We have set its intentions. We have prayed into and over it. We have committed ourselves to be the stewards of this dream. Now we take steps — whether ever so slight or significantly considerable — toward its expansion.

It is time to stop talking about it. It is time to stop contemplating it. It is time to stop explaining why it will not manifest into full reality. It is time to stop asking someone else for advice about your next step. So what time is it then?

It is time to recognize that the dream is already planted inside you. It is time to start living like it is ready to pop out of the incubator at any moment. What does that mean? We all know there are decisions and choices that will more generously and graciously support and impact everything that we create from dream to reality. It is time to decide. It is time to choose. It is time to see the dream and feel the dream as rapturously as you did when you planted it. It is time to get our of your own way!

SONG (Bob Sima): Be The Change, from Thin Little Veil

Step 2 of a future accomplishment is underway. Maybe you already started a mental list of things that you know will better support the likelihood and livelihood of your dream? Maybe you are ready to march out of here and take an action step? Maybe you are ready to commit to spending 10 minutes each day re-view-ing and re-member-ing the excitement of your dream?

It matters less whatever and wherever you land on the spectrum of next action. It matters most that you become inspired to take action on this new affair inside your heart. We do not dream from our mind; we dream from our heart. It is time to fall madly in love with the dream so you can’t help but want to be it, from the inside out.

So we have a dream. We have the start of an action plan. Sounds like we are set! Not quite. Here is the twist of all twists.

Many of us get so enthusiastic about showing the Universe that we are living our dream without it being fully realized. We have neat little check lists and we constantly revise and reprioritize, especially if things appear that they are not moving toward our final destination.

Well, guess what? The final destination that you believe in today will most likely be a puff of smoke tomorrow. Because as we start living our dream, we replace the old destination with a new destination. We find new dreams within the old dream. We keep planting seeds and nurturing them until we have the wisdom and lessons and experience of an old-growth forest sprinkled with the next generation of new and underdeveloped growth to continue us down the path!

So what is the final step? Patience. We simply surrender into the unknown of the potential of the ever-evolving dream. We allow the actions from the heart to lead us to the next iteration. And we trust that the Universe will see how passionately we actively love our heart seeds that it cannot help but love us right back.

We wait for the miracle. Patiently. We don’t have a care if they are small miracles or galactic miracles. We just practice patience and watch as they begin to sprout. It is up to ourselves to notice the miracles. It is up to ourselves to recognize them as the miracles that they are. It is up to ourselves to honor the miracles before they become mundane. In patience we can be “beside ourselves” with the full nebula of emotions and feelings that penetrated our heart when we planted our dream seed.

Consider the phrase “beside one self”. It indicates that we become the observer of our own behavior. We are now able to observe the miracles as they show continuously in our lives. We recognize the melody that serenades our dream. We find the harmony of actions that help us become attuned more closely to the reality of our dream. We sit patiently in the frequency that is stimulating the evolution of our dream. That is when we reach a sense of great accomplishment. That is when the individual songs of our life miraculously merge into one song. That is nothing short of a miracle.

SONG (Bob Sima): The One and Only Song, from The Movers The Shakers and The Peacemakers