Why Coaching and Visioning and Healing?

My focus for coaching and visioning is to help facilitate the integration of all the important aspects of life into a full, complete, and holistic vision with clear intentions that support an individual’s or corporation’s core values and overall life purpose or organizational mission. To me, coaching is about listening to find disparities and areas that are blocking someone from expressing their true self, find ways to reframe and reshape old paradigms to start living more fully in the moment, and find the passions that someone wants to live in the future. Strategic visioning is taking that purpose/mission and the overarching intentions of all life/organizational areas further into action planning and specific strategies to further support the desires and passions of the individual or corporation. Through the coaching process, there are often wounds and obstacles that are identified. Rather than ignore them, I offer shamanic journeying and ceremony to uncover what my connection with the spirit world offers to create a healthy alignment of what is supportive or to initiate a gentle release of what no longer serves. The shamanic sessions may be combined with a coaching package or may stand-alone on an as-desired basis.


Before the days of western medicine, cultures relied on the natural medicine of the Earth to heal the body, mind, and spirit. Every indigenous community had a rich and deep connection to the natural world, both seen and unseen. The Medicine Man or Medicine Woman of the indigenous village was  responsible and held accountable for practicing the art of shamanism, constantly refining their connection to the spirit world and to the allies present to both themselves and their villagers. These spirit allies are anxiously waiting for us to recognize their presence and ask for assistance, speaking to us in forms of images, numbers, aromas, animals, plants, weather patterns, etc. They carry messages and answers without personality or emotion of the human condition. Their guidance affects healing at the soul level, rippling across dimensions to the mental, emotional, and physical bodies.

Through the ages the unseen has become taboo, often described as scary and discredited as crazy. Children are often discouraged from exploring the “monsters in the closet” and the “imaginary friends” they find comforting during play. The elderly are labeled with dementia and Alzheimer’s as society becomes more frenzied and frustrated, unwilling to engage their “hallucinations” to meet them where they are and learn what the unseen world is trying to tell them through their mental transition. 

A committed shamanic practitioner wants everyone to realize the medicine the spirit world has for our healing, both individually and collectively. To the ever-evolving practitioner, shamanism becomes less of a practice and defines their way of life. They do not stop practicing, ever. They believe they have been entrusted with gifts that cannot be held behind closed doors or hidden in the confines of a storage room. Their practice has expanded their own consciousness and they want the same for every two-legged walking on this beautiful Earth.

Society is more enthusiastically reconnecting to ancient practices of energetic healing modalities that have supported humanity for millennia. The quest for healing and transformation should be an integrated system of practices available to us, whether ancient or newly developed. This time is ripe for transformation and the spirit world is screaming for humanity to “wake up”.

Shannon’s core shamanic studies are through the Pachakuti Mesa tradition, created by don Oscar Miro Quesada. She continued her studies through a shamanic practitioner under Alberto Villoldo’s lineage.


Need a little boost of inspiration, motivation, or identification? Shannon will be your mirror and your guide to bring awarenesses, possibilities, and healing that you might not see on your own. Sessions may be for individuals and couples at home, at school, at business.


Shannon has a dedicated space in her heart for those transition years that we’ve all traversed. Whether in private sessions, in group activities at private gatherings, or in classrooms, Shannon will be a safe place for your tween, teen, or young adult as they navigate through the rites of passage.

Team Building

Are you a business moving toward a more collaborative and cooperative business model? Shannon offers team building workshops designed to integrate and connect with a cohesive goal. She will design the experiences to align with your intentions and core values. Bring a sense of passionate purpose to your supporting clients, to your growing organization, or to your dedicated executive team. Share your core values and passion with your trusted agents who surround you and give life to your mission and service. Create an environment that leads to a greater sense of understanding and belonging to something larger than the world we often define on a task by task or day to day basis. Inspire your staff to continue their journey fully empowered and motivated to integrate your message into their belief system. The event possibilities are endless and I will work with you to:

* present a segment or workshop as part of your larger retreat, conference or event
* lead a small group through a half-day or full-day team-building experienc
* facilitate a multi-day purposeFULL retreat that integrates your message, values, and mission
* organize a multi-day event that will take you and your audience on a journey of reflection, allowing, growth, and transformation

Learn more about Shannon’s foundation for her team building experiences: Put the “I” Back in Team



Great for intentional brainstorming, check-in, followup, visioning, shamanic healing, or to simply to test the experience before further commitment.

Includes a total of 8 coaching or visioning sessions to create an integrated set of intentions. Coaching focuses on four major areas of life: (1) relationship, (2) health and well-being, (3) career and prosperity, (4) integration and life purpose/organizational mission. Visioning focuses on a specific intention, goal, or desire and develops an integrated action plan to support its future growth. We will schedule two (roughly) one-hour sessions. The suggested schedule is two sessions each week for 4 weeks to cover one topic per week and allow time for supporting exercises and daily awareness. Four additional followup sessions can be added to the package which may be used at any time to expand and vision further on a specific topic or for shamanic sessions. Followup sessions are not transferrable to another client.

Couples who grow and vision passionately together improve their connection, communication, and commitment to each other and to those within their circle of influence, both personally and professionally. They also find a deeper understanding of where and when their support for each other is desired and necessary to create an integrated life together. I will meet separately with each partner to learn and understand each individual’s passions, then schedule combined sessions to facilitate the integration of those visions.

There are two distinct corporate investments that will create more cohesive operations: (1) knowing your employees, and (2) aligning employees with the corporate vision. Companies – whether directly or via Employee Assistance Programs or Organizational Development Departments – who invest in the overall well-being of their employees, have higher retention rates and experience more productivity. It is time to throw away the standard job description that lists what employees need to “do” to satisfy the company mission and understand who that employee can “be” within the organization. It is time to invest and learn who the person is behind the desk, how that employee wants to show up at the office each day, and where their gifts integrate into the overall organization. Each employee must feel comfortable knowing they can express and offer their talents and skills where they most align with the company mission. The packaged sessions can easily be used to learn where best to place a new hire within the organization, to see where employees might offer cross-mantrix support, to realign struggling employees who might be receiving lower than their “normal” reviews from peers or on their performance evaluations, to create a team-building experience for junior management to connect with their teams, to strengthen the relationship between junior and senior management, to better align the activities of senior management with the overall corporate vision. The value is limitless. In order for me to assist with the overall health of a business, initial sessions are required to learn about the core values, mission, and vision of the organization so that sessions offered can be customized to the expectations and needs of the company.

Just as blocks in our belief systems prevent us from living our passion, the state of our physical surroundings can significantly stunt our expansion. The energy of what is within the space around us (whether hidden, stored, piled, or decorative) carries the past with it on many energetic levels. What do you need and want surrounding you – in your office, in your home, in your bedroom, in your attic, in your garage, in your car – to support you as you move into your future? Professional organization sessions compliment personal coaching services. They can be combined with personal coaching to fully align thoughts, intentions, beliefs, core values, and space; or they can be stand alone sessions. Is it time to Surge, Merge and Purge? To learn more about aligning your surroundings to fully support your unlimited potential, please visit

Keynote Speaker

Ever wonder why we were so inclined to listen to other people’s parents instead of our own? Inviting a keynote speaker to your event or into your community provides that same mental shift along with a fresh perspective. I will create a presentation based on your input and direction, sure to inspire a heart opening experience. Infuse your next conference, retreat, or training event with an inspirational, motivational, empowering, purpose-full, and passion-filled presentation that combines discussion from Shannon… with a little twist! Because our brains retain information best when there are multiple inputs, Shannon works with her creative collaborator, Bob Sima, to integrate conscious, complimentary songs that will drive home the message of the day. We call it a Message in Music and it is sure to deliver a unique blend of left- and right-brain experience to your audience.

Click to hear some of Shannon’s talks or read some of Shannon’s writings.


Need a gentle reminder that everything you need is right inside of you? Shannon and Bob Sima combine their gifts to guide participants on a musically guided meditative journey. This is a little similar to a Keynote Message in Music, but the intention is to go deeper into a personal inward experience with eyes closed and the imagination fully engaged. The topic can range from the sublime to the mundane and every one is uniquely created and facilitated. You will come out of the space feeling refreshed, renewed, and remembered. It is a 60-90 minute contemplative journey of discovery and truth.

Meditation Promo Sheet


Looking for something that will connect you more intimately to yourself so that your heart is filled to capacity and you can serve from an overflow instead of from a half-empty or depleted source? Shannon and her creative collaborator, Bob Sima, offer two workshops around energizing topics – breathwork and chakras – that they know make a difference in every day life because they have applied the concepts and techniques themselves. Details and testimonials from the workshops can be found at the websites below:


Ever feel like you are you Boldly Going Nowhere? Like the constant striving never ends and you never fully arrive into the present moment? Allow us to bring you to the nowHERE. The now here. The Boldly Going Nowhere movement was created by Shannon and her creative collaborator, Bob Sima. It represents the challenge question that we so often ask ourselves throughout our lives, “What am I doing?” Not in a literal sense, but in the grander consciousness. So often, the answer is simple, “I need to slow down before I go any further.” The tagline – From Striving to Arriving – was borrowed from a Wayne Dyer presentation to remind us that we cannot arrive at, or enjoy, this moment when we are constantly striving to get to the next. Boldly Going Nowhere has a clear intention: to bring you to HERE. Whatever “here” needs to be for you. Boldly Going Nowhere retreats incorporate music, breathwork, ceremony, meditation, teachings, discussion, creativity, silence, contemplation, and heartFULL activities. Each Boldly Going Nowhere event is unique and will be packaged as a way to share lessons, experiences, teachings, integrations, and life as they both have grown individually and together. Events may be a half-day, full-day, weekend, or week-long experience. To learn more, to see the upcoming BGN events, or to hire Shannon and Bob for your own private or corporate retreat, visit