Right of Consciousness

Unity of Rehoboth Beach, 15 July 2018

SONG (Bob Sima): Noohra, from It’s Time

That is right. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Somewhere out in the ethers of the soul’s eternality, we all agreed to be right here, right now, together. Not only did our soul know this intention at the cosmic level, somehow in our human experience of trials and tribulations, adventures and celebrations, planned paths and detours, we ended up right here, right now, together, in this exact moment of measured time. Is that not the most fascinating concept? Ever?

My friends, isn’t that a pretty phenomenal reason to share a smile or welcome or hug with the person next to you? But we cannot stop there. We must carry that consciousness to every place and situation we enter. Why? Because our soul purpose is the same as every other soul purpose. We are here to expand our consciousness by co-creating our human experience. To bring the light, to see our light, to share our light, to bring the illuminated body into physical form so that we spark someone else’s light, so that their luminated self can spark another and another, while at the same time all those other lights are sparking us.

Cosmic illumination. Cosmic consciousness. It is our right. It is our soul’s right. It is not a right granted by human ordinance or regulation or legislation or declaration. It is our Right of Consciousness that we choose – or choose not – to become our essence. In my shamanic practice, we are on the path to the Sacred Rainbow, or K’uychi. The Sacred Rainbow is the fully illuminated, full-spectrum, integrated rainbow spiral that connects all worlds and dimensions, all consciousnesses. Cosmic Consciousness.

In The Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes begins his discussion of Cosmic Consciousness by stating, “A mystic intuitively perceives the Truth.” Those who have entered cosmic consciousness tell the same, identical story of Reality. So generations upon generations are able to read the timeless teachings of Buddha, Rumi, Yeshua, Plato, Emerson, Whitman, Aristotle, and many others without confusion. They all present the same Ultimate. This is the human manifestation of Spiritual Truth, beyond the brain and the subconscious.

Back to my shamanic practice. The Path of the Mystic is in the North. It is the connection to our relations, our ancestors, and the consciousness of the spirit world. One of the spirit family member groups that is available for connection is both the familiar and not-so-familiar ascended ones. Ascended ones being the Spiritual Truth seekers – the mystics – who left their timeless mark on humanity through teachings, writings, poetry, actions, music, artwork, and – yes – consciousness.

Remember the Holmes quote: “A mystic intuitively perceives the Truth.” He goes on to say that “intuition remains in the background and waits for recognition.” He defines intuition as “God in man” that reveals all Reality of Being. Yet it must be the human’s willingness to acknowledge and allow intuition to guide them as a cooperative internal Wisdom and Truth. When operating from this intuitive space, the mystics all sense the same thing and bring Spiritual Truths that inspire us to dig into our own knowing. The mystics may deliver their favorite Spiritual Truths in culturally-influenced ways, but when you dig into the depths of all mystical teachings, they are all presenting the same thing regardless of the language or packaging of choice.

Back to my shamanic practice. The animal spirit that represents the North is the Eagle-Condor, the merger of the Eagle that represents the materialism of North America with the Condor that represents the spiritualism of South America. The element of the North is Wind, which allows the Eagle-Condor to follow its intuition and take flight into the layers of Cosmic Consciousness available through the spirit world. So as we work on our own individual path of mysticism, we can allow the wind to be our vehicle as we look to the Eagle-Condor to connect us to the messages of the spirit world. This is one of the four paths, the four directions, the four energies that lead us closer to the Sacred Rainbow.

I invite you into meditation. Jump onto the Eagle Condor and allow him to fly you around the Earth. Ask for a gift. Ask for any messages from the spirit world.

SONG (Bob Sima): Believe the Bird, from Believe the Bird

Dr Richard Bucke, who wrote Cosmic Consciousness, defines the subject as: “One’s consciousness of their unity with the Whole”. Did we not just experience our unity with the Whole? Did we not just give ourselves the right to believe beyond the physical realm and into the knowingness of Spiritual Truth?

Let us revisit the last quote from Holmes: “Intuition remains in the background and waits for recognition.” In a simple meditative journey, we tapped into an intuitive connection that has always been present, but would not manifest in physical form until we allowed ourselves the space to receive. Now that we moved our intuition in the foreground for the journey, the gift, the message, the connection that you received in spiritual form will undoubtedly and creatively show up in your physical Reality. But we must honor our Right of Consciousness to recognize and receive its presence.

I suppose that leads to a series of contemplations:
How often do you give your intuition full and unquestionable permission to lead you back to the connections that it already knows?
Is there a Spiritual Truth waiting to be recognized within you?
If you are given a gift or message or connection from Cosmic Consciousness, do you acknowledge it as a piece of you and as a piece of God?
Are you able to transition from being a repository to being a conduit for the Cosmic Consciousness to move through you?
Does your own actions represent the Cosmic Consciousness?
Can you feel the unity of All There Is?
Do you honor your own Right of Consciousness?

I don’t know about you, but I want to be fully present to receive all the messages available to assist this human adventure through the void and into the K’uychi. I want to be awake – more often than not – to the limitless possibilities and all-knowingness of Cosmic Consciousness. I want to be fully alive in this body to witness, challenge, and pursue my soul’s natural state of Cosmic Consciousness in physical form. I want to be here to surpass the human understanding of time and space and integrate Cosmic Consciousness into my individualized unique experience and expression.

Repeat after me:
I’m awake.
I’m alive.
I am here.
I own my Right of Consciousness.

SONG (Bob Sima): I Am Here, from putalittlemoreloveintheworld