It’s All About Me

Center for Spiritual Living Metro, 03 September 2017

Excerpt from The Five Levels of Attachment by don Miguel Ruiz:

——I used to think that the world’s greatest masters of every tradition were the best examples of the Authentic Self. But now I realize that everyone I know and see is a personification of the Authentic Self. We are all creating, producing, learning, engaging, and loving life. We are all the personification of life; we are always the Authentic Self. We simply make the choice to see it in ourselves and others.

There is a moment when the Authentic Self becomes no longer an abstract term, but an experience. I believe we all experience such a moment. … It’s the moment when judgment stops and pure harmony takes over.

… The Authentic Self is the harmony of the mind, body, and soul as the expression of Life. To tell the story of the Authentic Self is to tell the story of life, regardless of where humanity may be in the form of an individual’s awareness.

When we reside at this level, we have the freedom to choose how we want to engage the Dream of the Planet. The awareness that we are the living being that gives life to our beliefs and to our knowledge, lets us choose with complete freedom where we want to place our intent and create, for as long as we choose to engage it, by our agreement. Our will is set with the full awareness of our intent. Knowledge is alive in our minds precisely because we are alive, and that knowledge is the tool by which we can communicate with the rest of the world.———

SONG (Bob Sima): It’s Time, from It’s Time

Yes, it is time. It is time for you. Not some version of you that someone else created or influenced. It is time for you to influence you. Not only to influence you, but to know you and to own you and all you are “creating, producing, learning, engaging, and loving” in and as life itself.

To continue what don Miguel Ruiz stated in the reading, “We are all the personification of life; we are always the Authentic Self. We simply make the choice to see it in ourselves and others.” Do you make a habit of seeing the personification of the Divine in yourself and others? Do you take the time to become so intimately associated with living your Authentic Self that you can identify the divine connection between yourself without and yourself within?

I believe it is often easier to build up someone else’s gifts and brag about someone else. But it is time to brag about you. It is time to put yourself in the spotlight. It is time to fully express the you that came here to be. It is All About You. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “To believe your own thought, to believe that what is true for you in your private heart is true for all men — that is genius.”

Father Richard Rohr is quoted saying, “We do not think ourselves into new ways of being; we live ourselves into new ways of thinking.” So it is time to change our living. And the new wisdom to live by is to open our eyes to every potential and possibility that we can be and to live our life from that place of being. Because once we live from there, our old thoughts and patterns are overwritten with a fresh reality.

The old sob story that we don’t have anything to present to this world goes out the window because we are living like we have something to offer. We actually do have something to share that will allow us to live our Authentic Self and bring into consciousness our own gift to the collective Dream of the Planet.

Ah, the Dream of the Planet. Allow that phrase to sink in. We are not all here as individuals but as individualized expressions of the Dream. So if there is some greater story within which we are writing our own chapter, we better have some juiciness to offer! And that chapter has to be All About You. All about the juicy you.

We often spend so much time trying to influence and write and sometimes even erase experiences in someone else’s chapter for them that we forget that we have a pen in our own hand waiting for our own Authentic Self to step up with a confident attitude. Not as an egoic expression or regurgitation of someone else’s thoughts, but as a uniquely strong presence of life.

Some mystics have described this Presence as “closer to me than I am to myself”. It is All About You. It is all about what you bring, what you share, what you choose, what you are to others.

My friends, isn’t it true that nobody can live your life with more love and consciousness and credence than you? When that person shows up, that is when we fully communicate and commune with the rest of the world. That is when we can be of service to someone other than ourselves. That is when we become the creators of our very own Grand Design.

Dr Rollo May was an existential psychologist who was credited with stating: “If you do not listen to your own original ideas, if you do not listen to your own being, you will have betrayed yourself. Also, you will have betrayed our community in failing to make your contribution to the whole.”

Get into a comfortable and relaxed position. Get in touch with your breath. When you are ready, I invite you to close your eyes. And listen. If the Divine Creator had a message for you, this would be it…

SONG (Bob Sima): Grand Design, from putalittlemoreloveintheworld

Allow yourself to sink further into that space of listening. Your mind has nothing to say. Your words are distant memories. Connect to the place from which we all came. Where the void has the answers and the stars light the way. There are no words. There are no others. There is only presence.

What is the Universal Intelligence suggesting for you?

What is your path and your purpose for this Earthly adventure?

What do you know is All About You?

As you remain in that contemplative space, get in touch with your breath. On the next inhale say these words to yourself, “I promise to make my life.” On the exhale say the words, “All about me.” Continue that mantra: Inhale ‘I promise to make my life’ and exhale ‘all about me’. I invite you to begin to quietly vocalize the mantra out loud, without judgment and in complete harmony with your Authentic Self. As you return to the room, slowly raise your voice to ring out the mantra until your human self is unified with your Authentic Self, and the agreement is sealed and affirmed as the collective Dream of the Planet.

That is the Grand Design that Bob sang about. That is the Grand Design that the Divine Creator wants for you. That is the Grand Design that is you.

My friends, the Divine Creator is you. So if each individual expression of that creation is living a life that is ‘All About Me’, then the collective consciousness is unified. That is when we are in complete service – not to humanity – but to the higher order of creation that brought us all into this human being. That is when the grand design is realized. When every glance becomes familiar, every smile is reciprocated, every laugh is shared, every joy is celebrated, and every person is in service to show up and live their Authentic Self in a world that works for everyone.

JFK once said, “Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.” To be able to “choose with complete freedom where we want to place our intent and create” as don Miguel Ruiz suggests, there is no time for conformity. There is only a requirement to bring our unique Authentic Self to the table and live that Authentic Self unapologetically.

As we begin to express our individualized gifts and we surrender into higher service of the Divine Creator, our dream is manifest as part of the Dream of the Planet. Our story is being written.

Ronald Reagan said, “There are no great limits to growth because there are no limits of human intelligence, imagination, and wonder.” Our stories can be created with intelligence, imagination, and wonder. Our growth potential is limitless and our possibilities are endless.

But we can’t stop after our story is written. We have to tell it. We have to share it. We have to continue to create it. We have to find excitement to live it. That is when our service is radicalized to the higher dimensions and the Dream of the Planet is solidified. That is when we heal ourselves. That is when we can support the healing of others. That is when our service to the Divine Creator becomes service to humanity.

Your Authentic Self. Your Music.

Find it. Own it.

Your Story. Your very own Grand Design.

Write it. Share it. Serve it. Live it.

Make it All About You so we can each do our part to collectively realize the Dream of the Planet.

It is All About You.

SONG (Bob Sima): Don’t Die With Your Music, from Pour It On