An Enchanted Mind

New Thought Philly, 6 May 2018

Emma Curtis Hopkins:
——— There are ways of thinking about your environment which will make you like a harp in the fingers of love. So enchanting will be your silent mind to the world hurt traveller. So blessed will sound your voice to the bruised child of human hardships. You need not worry about whether you shall speak or not. You will have your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel if you take the fresh morning for giving thanks and glad praises unto the spirit, and speak forth with freedom some lesson of this Science. ———

SONG (Bob Sima): Say Grace, from A Thousand Cups of Tea

To refer back to Emma, “so enchanting will be your silent mind… you need not worry… You will have your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel if you take the fresh morning for giving thanks and glad praises unto the spirit, and speak forth with freedom some lesson of this Science.”

Enchant: to fill someone or something with great delight; to charm; to put someone or something under a spell

How often do we consider if delight is filling our silent mind? 
How often do we allow our thoughts to charm the very nature that we are? 
How often are we aware of the spell we are putting onto our soul?
How often are we consciously creating the foundation for our silent mind to receive messages from the Spirit World, the gospel as Emma referenced?

The simplest way to calm our worried mind is to find gratefulness. In every thing. As every thing. As it is. As it appears. As it has the potential to be. Bob reminded us in the opening song – for “every pleasure, every pain, every joy, every heartache, every worry, every doubt, up and down, every mistake”.

The calm, the peace, comes when we recognize that nothing is good or bad unless we choose to quantify it as such. “How can I say anything but thank you? How can I say anything but grace?” Period.

But then what? What feeds our soul once our mind calms into that state of gratitude, into that state of grace? Emma Curtis Hopkins also said:

——— To say that ‘My Good is supply, God is my Good, therefore God is my supply’ is to stir the mountains and the seas to bring us our new provisions. ———

With that as inspiration, let us enter a state of graceful meditation where we will create a foundation to stir the mountains and the seas. Allow the mind to be filled with possibilities that defy our rudimentary understanding of nature, science, time, space, cosmology, spirituality, and being. Sink into the limitless potential of our own imagination’s enchantment, allowing our soul to be put under our own spell. A spell of wonder and awe. A spell of unity and oneness. A spell that will fill our hearts with the new provisions that Emma spoke of… supplies that encourage our soul’s growth and expansion into multi-dimensional understanding and appreciation for all that is. Sounds enticing, yes?

As you shift your body to become an open and receptive channel of the animating force that connects all there is, let us receive a conscious breath together. Exhale all the air from your lungs, squeezing and pulling your stomach inward to release every last bit of air from your body. Pause. Inhale without effort, noticing that the emptiness that you created, along with the awareness on your breath, allows the life force to spread throughout your entire body.

Continue that pattern. Fully exhale, making room for spirit to enter. Pause for a moment and inhale with the intention of sending that living spirit into every single cell in your body. Enliven your body with the sacred breath of life, the spirit that has no direction but to fill you with living potential.

Continue to guide that potential throughout your body. Fully exhale. Pause. Intentionally inhale. Continue the pattern.

When you feel your physical body enlivened with spirit, change the intention of the targeted inhale to your third eye. Allow your own breath – your own spirit, your own energy – to expand your third eye. Continue the pattern. Fully exhale. Pause. Intentionally send the inhale to your brow. 

Allow yourself to connect to the wisdom of the sage within you, to the spirit world, to the messages of the ages, to the imagination of the Good, the God. Begin to recognize the supply, the provisions that are available to you. Continue to fully exhale. Pause. Intentionally inhale to your third eye. Keep it going.

When you feel ready to engage further, I invite you to ask for imagery to fill any blank space in your mind’s eye. Ask for the most fantastical imagery that will reset any limitations within you, that will encourage the god-potential to reverse any adverse ego effects. Let go. Surrender. Breathe. Stir the mountains and the seas. Challenge your earthly intellect with the Universal Intelligence that operates outside of the human construct.

SONG (Bob Sima): Kiss God, from It’s Time

The Universe Talks recently sent out this Note from the Universe:
——— Your very thoughts are the key. You can do it. Whatever you want, you can have it. Just think it, feel it, and vaguely move towards it. And with persistence, tipping points will be reached, critical mass formed, and the most outlandish serendipities arranged. The world you now live in was created this very way, and through ‘thinking’ you perpetuate the celebration. You are a nonstop creating machine; a manifesting maestro. You are pure ‘cause’. And for now, it is still virtually a secret: Your very thoughts are the key. ———

As a community who studies the teachings of Ernest Holmes, you understand the power of thought. As the Note from the Universe said, “Your very thoughts are the key.” The key to unlocking the secret, the mystery that Bob sang about during the meditation. If we “hold the mystery closer than we hold our beliefs”, the human constructs that influence our behaviors, feelings, and thoughts begin to soften and broaden. We more gracefully connect to the creative maestro that we are. We sense and feel with depths that we often cannot put into words. We increase the probability that we will effectively and persistently harness that which rides in on the air, animating our existence. We build our house, as our self and our Self, on the richness of spells and magic and serendipities. We recognize that “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for”, as the Hopi prophecy suggests.

If we are the ones we’ve been waiting for, then we can easily deduce the following: You are the one you’ve been waiting for, and I am the one I’ve been waiting for. We often find it easier to speak as “we” instead of “I”. But the reality is that I have to be the one I have been waiting for in order to hold myself accountable to serve the “you” and the “we” of humanity to the best of my abilities. That which Emma Curtis Hopkins refers to as making “it useful”. She says this:
——— There is one indestructible substance pervading all things, from the remotest star to the nearest dust particle. This substance is finer than any substance cognized by the senses. It is finer than the attraction of gravitation, cohesion, destruction. It can only be cognized by the mind. It can only be handled by the thoughts of the mind. And only the understanding of the mind can make it useful. He who – by any manner of thinking – handles this substance, soon finds himself experiencing vital renewals throughout body and mind. He has begun the ‘animation of the particular from the universal’, an art eagerly sought by the ancients. ———

I hope that you felt that “one indestructible substance” throughout this message. First in the body through the senses, then in the mind through the imagery of the unseen, and finally in the heart through a reconnection to yourself. With the breath – the spirit – we can gain access to the key and experience an animation often indescribable through words. This substance is what we are seeking.

Rumi prose offers this translation, “What you seek is seeking you.” If we truly believe that we are created from that “one indestructible substance”, that presents quite a circular reference:
We seek God through God;
We seek ourself through ourself;
We seek ourself through God;
We seek God through ourself.

By that accord, we never have to seek for anything outside of us to enchant us. We have everything right in the soul’s house that we build through our own consciousness.

The first sentence of this message began like this, “There are ways of thinking about your environment which will make you like a harp in the fingers of love.”

Are you the harp?
Are you the fingers?
Are you the music?
Are you all three?
Why would you wait for the answer?
Why not live as them all, in the enchantment that is ready for you?

SONG (Bob Sima): I Am The One, from A Thousand Cups of Tea