Shannon Plummer

Shannon Plummer is a powerhouse strategic visioning and intentional creation coach and shamanic practitioner wrapped in a divine package. As a subset of coaching the psyche, she also translates her organizational skills into the space surrounding the individual. She’s learned that – just as blocks in our belief systems prevent us from living our passion – the state of our physical surroundings can significantly stunt our expansion because the energy of what is stuck in our work space, in our home, in our bedroom, in our attic, in our garage is holding onto the past. Her shamanic practice offers an option to connect, clear, and release some of the energetic blocks and obstacles that are revealed during coaching, visioning, organizing, or healing sessions.

Her approach combines spiritual, shamanic, and metaphysical wisdom with business and management expertise. This is not only unique, but is an extraordinarily powerful approach that will uniquely serve your walk through this world as you create a passionate and purposeful life. Shannon is an instrument - an engaged observer to the story of your life. She will guide you to and through the blind spots, allowing your higher self and vision to illuminate the true passion that lies within. Shannon's intuitive and heart-centered coaching and visioning process will gently lead you to a more authentic, conscious, and intentional life. Her unique energy and presence creates a sacred space for expansion and deepening of what is waiting to be expressed. She now guides artists, practitioners, young adults, couples, small businesses, and large organizations to find, express, and live their truth in their calling. Shannon brings joy, peace, and possibility everywhere she goes. Her energy and presence creates a sacred space for expansion and deepening of what is waiting to be expressed in all who enter her energetic field. It is her joy and honor to facilitate the outward expression of the purpose, vision, and awesomeness you already know and are within.


Thank you so much for guiding me to a higher level of consciousness. Friday was quite a miraculous day for me. A day of greater understanding and opening. It is one of those days that I will always remember as a huge shift day. So completely grateful to you, Shannon, for opening me up to see things differently


She aches for the beauty, heart breaks with desire to see the world smile, ’cause it sets her on fire. When the sun sets she never forgets the love she’s known and grown, creating Home. For she’s never alone. Wherever she’s gone friendship’s seeds are sown, and life’s community is woven with her hands and deeds, and word’s hearts heard. Moments of wonder she holds each day – simple, satisfied each breath she prays.

Louise Jayne Moriarty

Intuitive Poet,

I had an exciting and profound experience with Shannon Plummer during our series of coaching sessions that cover all the major areas of this life. She offers a wonderful presence, insight, wisdom and guidance to aid you in finding your voice and consciously solidifying your purpose. She asks the questions and you provide your answers and what you find will illuminate the experience of life that is YOU. I am deeply grateful.


Shannon is a beautiful light with amazing intuition. She has a good sense of timing; she’s a great listener; she’s objective – can see all sides of the situation. Shannon could see me SO clearly, the true essence of me that I had forgotten. Shannon’s genuine appreciation for the gifts I have to offer the world touched me deeply. This helped me to see myself and my future in a positive light. This coach is truly gifted. As a natural intuitive, Shannon tunes into a situation with ease and makes you feel cared for throughout the process. I highly recommend her as a Life Coach!


As a Wellness Coach from a health and scientific background, I have to say that I found Shannon’s coaching was more profound. Because it allowed me to get at the heart of who I am and what I love, which is the foundation for every mission, vision, goal and action step I will ever take. I know what my core values and intentions are… I have seen them before, in different forms and variations through previous journaling and visioning processes on my own. Through Shannon’s coaching, however, I was able to dust them off, bring them to the light, and articulate them in a way that wholly solidifies them, and they are written upon my heart in indelible ink, in a language I now understand. I felt like we were true friends and partners in this process, which made it that much more enjoyable. Thank you so very much!


Upon sharing some very personal information, I felt comfortable and at ease. Shannon was empathetic and a very good listener, and had no judgement. She was quick to identify unresolved issues and energy, and to suggest tools to put into action. Shannon is a great coach and is so engaged with you. You will enjoy your experience with her.



Shannon's years on the path of spiritual development started at a very young age. She now recognizes that her “normal” was not typical of most children. She spent many of her summer days walking through the trees, talking to the grass as she cut the lawn, connecting to animals that others could not approach, and sitting with the elders of her neighborhood. She could see and feel and hear the unseen - most often presented as imagery - which she could translate into words that seemed to offer comfort and guidance and wisdom to others. That was her "normal" and it wasn't until her teens that she recognized that others might not have given themselves permission to tap into their own spirit resources and allies the same way she did. She took every opportunity to absorb nature and share her goodness and heart with many of the families in her small hometown. She exuded self-reliance from a very young age, which has parlayed into an unshakable personal power that is a beacon and a template for her clients.

Shannon received an engineering degree from Penn State University. She learned how to combine the engineering principals with her innate organizational skills to quickly advance as a program manager in the federal government and in the corporate world. She managed multi-million dollar programs in diverse focus areas. Throughout her management career, she applied her natural leadership skills to employee development and team-building through training facilitation and conscious business decisions that cultivate trust, longevity, healthy competition, and independent – yet collective – thought. For 14 years Shannon filled technical project and senior program management roles supporting the federal government. She started managing environmental cleanup projects at Navy installations in southern California and then transitioned into military construction as a project engineer. During this time, Shannon learned negotiation skills as she was partnered with contracting officers to administer the legalities of each contract. She also became a certified facilitator and was a regional instructor for several training programs and courses offered to government employees and to supporting defense contractors. When it was time to make a conscious career move, she took an opportunity in northern VA to manage site survey teams for chemical and biological defense. This is where Shannon became adept at teambuilding and identifying strengths and challenges of individuals to create complimentary, highly efficient, and satisfied teams. Shannon then transitioned into a high level, highly visible program in counter-terrorism where she managed a team that fully executed a $60M international program. Shannon acknowledged the experiences that were presented to her, but mostly enjoyed the one-on-one and teambuilding activities that truly helped develop employee's skills, empower individual strengths, support personal transformation within an organization, and encourage possibilities outside the organization. Thus developed her desire to work more closely with individuals and groups to connect to the source of the underlying concepts, thoughts, and beliefs that create the strategies that create a larger purpose ready to passionately express through each and every one. As most consciously insane would do, she took this as a clear message that it was time to leave behind the fully stable confines of the corporate world and independently share her gifts.

The masculine energy involved in visioning a path forward was not enough to offer clients. There was something missing. Once that was clear, the teachers and messages appeared and offered a way to package what Shannon did naturally into a more intentional daily shamanic practice. Her connection to the unseen has expanded and the resources learned through the multiple lineages of Peru provide a foundation for self-healing. For an empathic over-achiever, nothing ends with self. The feminine energy associated with nurturing and healing now offers a balanced approach for clients to experience. Shannon has integrated her shamanic paths of study into her own healing modality which serves her clients, whether combined with coaching or simply as a self-care session.