Speak My Passion


Do you feel like you are waiting for happiness, joy, or celebration in your every day activities? Whether working with an individual, couples, or an employee within a company, allow your passion to speak and guide you to a healthy and fulfilling life.
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Are you a sole proprietor, small business, large corporation, or spiritual center that desires to expand your vision and integrate your values into mindful business practice? Allow your passion to speak so others are drawn to your service.
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Are the spaces you live and work in arranged and organized to effectively and efficiently support your full potential? You will thrive when your space is as intentional as your thoughts and goals. Allow your passion to reach maximum possibilities.
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Do you feel a connection to the unseen world of energies that support our earthly adventure? Through shamanic journeying and ceremony, allow your world to expand beyond the limitations of our physical senses with influences – mostly – from Peruvian shamanism.
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Do you live your passion and create the reality you wish to experience every day? … Or do you keep it hidden and treat it like a distant idea or long-lost memory?

I believe we are all here to live our greatest purpose and serve a higher consciousness. Your gifts may be raising a family, developing a new eco-friendly product, healing with your intuitive techniques, designing a sustainable community, or sharing your inspirational art. The world needs you to fully embrace your passion and let it loose! That passion, fully expressed, will have a greater impact on your personal growth and the vibes that resonate out to everyone around you.

Are you deliberately and intentionally creating your future? … Or do you get stuck in old patterns and self-written stories that hold you back from your truth?

I believe your passion goes way beyond your job or the work you do. Your purpose is to integrate all the aspects of your life to fully experience your dream reality. When you tap deeply into your passion and align your thoughts and beliefs with your desires, you will open to unlimited possibilities and opportunities that are waiting for you.

Are you ready to shift your consciousness and SPEAK YOUR PASSION?

I am here to guide you through a process of realization. I want you to real-eye-z your divine appointment and help ignite your passionate spark with clearly aligned vision and strategic action. I speak my passion to you: “I graciously allow my human experience to deepen my spiritual quest for understanding and eternal truth; I passionately live with commitment and dedication to serve as an instrument of joy, peace, and purpose; I lovingly share my innate, intuitive, and evolving gifts to guide others to their highest good with conscious minds and open hearts; I humbly accept and acknowledge life’s opportunities and challenges to create a better experience for myself and for all those I share a breath with in this life and beyond.”


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You are standing at the doorway to your passion…

You can feel it, taste it, see it, and breathe it.

So why isn’t it happening how and when I want it to?

That is what we will discover together.

  • Are you seeking clarity in your personal life?
  • Do you want to align complimentary visions with your life partner?
  • Do you want to improve your employee’s productivity at work?
  • Do you want to release old paradigms and clear your path ahead?
  • Do you want to refine specific aspects of a larger vision?
  • Do you want to start a new passion-filled adventure?

…so you open the door…

We will start with a simple consultation to get a general sense of what you want to accomplish through the coaching and visioning process. It is extremely helpful to complete a questionnaire that will help me understand you, your desires in key aspects of your life, what you believe are your strengths and challenges, and what support system you have available. We will then determine a schedule of sessions based on your intentions. Sessions can be in person or remotely via phone or Skype call.

…and take a step onto the path…

We will work together to speak your passion, set intentions to activate your passion, and exercise tools to live your passion. By honoring the major aspects of your life that weave through your core values and mission, you will find a holistic path for your future to express the essence of who you are.

…to walk your journey with passion…

Have you experienced 1:1 coaching? It works. We are all mirrors for each other and coaching is a way to allow that internal spark to grow into a burning flame. From a place of vulnerability, yet strength; surrender, yet intention; non-judgment, yet discernment.

…because the world wants to know you.

The answers are within you. And yes, you really do deserve to be heard. You are a gift to this world. You have a gift to share. The world wants to experience the passions within you. I would be honored to help you create them into a living and breathing experience. Contact Shannon to SPEAK YOUR PASSION!